Maritime and Ship Operations

Port and maritime

Maritime and Ship Operation



ISPS/ISM/MLC audits.
Internal audits.
Pre SIRE inspections and best practice training.
Pre-Purchase and condition inspection of the vessel.
Navigation and mooring audits of tankers.

Bunker Surveys

Covering container vessels, bulk carriers and other vessels.



Ports Security (ISPS) training & Audits.

IMDG Training.

Vessel manoeuvring simulations, Mooring assessment. 

Accident Investigation.

Ports and terminal risk assessment and audits.

Pilotage and tug handling training


cargo Inspection

Cargo inspections and surveys.

Damage assessment.

Transit risk assessment.


Maintenance and Supervision

Full inspection & audit of machinery space for compliance. EMP and Record Maintenance

Port Captaincy, Shipyard supervision and others.

Machinery Parts supply.


Vessel’s technical and commercial management.

Dry-docking of vessels.

Vessel fixtures.

Sale and purchase of vessels.

New building and inspections of vessels.

Feasibility for vessel purchase.

Charterers’ agency work.

OPL services around South African coast/ports.


Strategic Advisory Services

Feasibility and Market studies for shipping and port Business. 

Business Risk Assessment. Optimisation of vessel operations (On board and commercial deployment)

Cargo projections and Ports optimisation.

PSC Training with the crew on Dolphin II Container Vessel


Onboard RightShip & PSC preparation Training.

ISPS training for Ports and Ships.

Onboard Mindset Training.

SEEMP and ECG training.

Risk assessment

Maritime risk assessment and mitigation.

Near miss and incident analysis.

Claims assessment and management


technology service

Automation solutions for Ports and the vessels.

E-Commerce and ERP systems 

Career advisory and mentorship in Shipping and Port sector.


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