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Our Services and our Business

Africa is our focus and our partners have a very strong global presence

Our Service Delivery Strength​

Value system

  • Internal Synergy: Multi skilled and motivated staff.
  • Network value: Powerful external live network (Meet, sense, seize and support. Internal vs external alignment).
  • Value swap within clusters of services (One stop shop-goods consignment): Numerous services in a value chain.
  • HR: First time right approach, KPA directed, Innovation and creativity mindset driven.
  • We use 80/20 pareto principle.


  • IT & IOT supported with human & emotional touch.

Cost and Price competitiveness

  • We use competitive pricing based on value and demand.

Business Model

  • Demand chain planning: Time and functional cost optimization (JIT).
  • Assets and non-asset-based operation (BPO).
  • Small flexible organization- (Cloud based, Target: crowd sourcing).


  • Lean management, attention to details & teamwork.

Service design

  • Quality based & Zero defect as an objective
  • Design for experience to create story.

Our Services

Vessel pre-purchase inspection. Vessel pre-purchase feasibilities. Dry-docking of vessels. Vessel fixtures. Surveys and Audits: MLC/ISPS/ISM audits, Navigation audits, preparation vessel for RightShip & PSC inspection. Sale and purchase of vessels. 

Design & development of the ports.  Optimisation of port marine services & terminal operations. Cargo projections and Predictive analytics. Emergency towage and salvage services.  Implementation of Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems for the port; ballast water, waste management etc.  Risk assessment in the ports. Port Navigation Audits.

We offer training and skills development for Transport, Maritime, and Other fields.

Our freight forwarding  training is accredited by TETA.

We also provide mentorship and coaching for businesses, life skills training, and training for student entrepreneurs.

We are accredited training service provider for port Security (ISPS) and IMDG  cargo.

We provide training onboard ships for PSC & Rightships preperations, Crew motivation and welfare, officer & crew mindset improvement and Leadership  

Freight Forwarding, Chartering, Clearing & Forwarding, Vessel Agency, Bulk Handling Vessel Operations, Consolidation Warehousing, CFS / ICD Project Cargoes, Door-to-door logistics, Claims & Legal, NVOCC and Air Cargo movement.

Ferro Manganese,  V2O5, Manganese Ore, Ferro Chrome, Chrome Ore & Concentrate, Agriculture products.

Used mining equipment.

Semiprecious stones.



We provide various services in this field, ranging from rights application to geological services.

  • We offer support in setting up mining operations and project management.
  • Furthermore, we specialize in plant development services.

Our team of experts will assist you throughout the entire process, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

We are committed to delivering high-quality services that meet the needs of our clients.

With our experience and expertise, we can help you achieve success in the mining and ore beneficiation industry.

As a trusted consulting firm, we specialize in providing comprehensive  consulting services that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Our team of industry experts is well-equipped to offer professional guidance and strategic solutions from start to finish, ensuring that you are fully supported throughout every step of your business journey.

Moreover, we have a deep understanding of the importance of safety and the environment in the Maritime   transportation industry.

We advise our client on the reduction of GHG from their ships and their ports. 

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being adept at analyzing businesses and streamlining management practices to optimize efficiency, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients save money and increase profitability while fostering lasting relationships with customers. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Our Business Consulting Services


National and regional transportation master planning, involving all transportation modes. Global supply chain projects for public administration (enhancement of trades and strategy to foster competitiveness). Logistics parks (market assessment, feasibility, development strategy, design and implementation). Supply chain management (design of the supply chains, distribution networks, logistics facilities, etc.


Single window for maritime expertise including maritime risk assessment, contingency planning, maritime Strategic planning and Legal review in maritime clusters.


Owner level advisory related to business planning, transaction analysis, fund raising, due diligence both at legal & Accounting level. We are also into high end financial & data analytic training related to financial modeling, project finance, business valuation, and merger & acquisition Modeling.

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