We provide range of Shipping, Port
& Maritime services
to ensure your safe voyage
AUK Maritime is your global headquarters for domestic and international shipping
Our maritime services include
research and innovation
AUK Maritime is your global solution
Want to buy a vessel? or want cargo
for your vessel?
come to us...
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From prescriptive analytics to predictive
modelling, we offer range of intelligent solutions
in our transport and business consulting
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We will assist you with our services
in mining, oil & gas and energy sector.
AUK Maritime is your answer
We provide maritime risk assessment
and risk mitigating services
We are a 4 PL operator
We are an Accredited
Research and Learning Academy

Transform Yourself Through Education

Get new skills for new careers

Explore and capacitate yourself with Cognitive, Domain, Digital and Soft Skills, for a successful future.

New skills in the digital space will capacitate you to apply and manage the complexity of the changing digital systems that is bringing upon the change in the ways we do our business (4IR).

TETA accreditation: TETA17-960

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4 PL & Shipping and Logistics services

Business Intelligence is key to decision making for the management and we can very well construct and offer a predictive model with options, using internal and external data, to assist decision making.

Established in 2012

Consulting and Advisory

Maritime, Transport, Port, Logistics and Business Consultancy services

Established in 2012

  1. Market entry & expansion

Export and Import

We provide demand forecast, and source as well as procure commodities and products for our clients

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For Metal, Mineral, Wines and Artifacts you can contact us for quotations

Established in 2014

Mining & Metallurgy

The company provides numerous services in the mining sector, from rights application to the operation, to geological services.

Established in 2013

Tech Solutions-AI Automation & IoT


Our unique abilities are to identify the growth potentials, analyze challenges and provide custom solutions to improve productivity and profitability. 

Established in 2019

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Port Development

Design, development, and operations of ports and terminals.

Management of vessels’ traffic in the ports. Provision of harbour Pilotage and harbour tugs services.

Established in 2012

Maritime & Ship Operations

Inspections and Audits: Navigation, ISPS/ISM/MLC, Flag state, Pre-Purchase, Port Captaincy, Shipyard supervision and others.

Vessel operations and management, Fleet technical and commercial management, Dry-docking of vessels, vessel fixtures and chartering of vessels, marine surveys, sale and purchase of vessels, maritime Insurance and claims.

Established in 2012




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