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Entrepreneur mentorship

Whether you are starting your entrepreneurial journey or already have an established business, AUK is here to guide and assist you

Job Mentorship

Propel your career forward or start a new career with AUK's Job Mentorship Programme

How do we do it?

Online and Classroom Lessons, Learner Manuals, Workplace activities, Workplace Experience, Available for out of classroom assistance, Support for marketing, Introduction to industry specific experts, Introduction to AUK Network, Coaching

AUK possesses 45 years of extensive combined experience, and currently operating in many industries! We are also a TETA accredited Training service provider!

Our team is innovative and creative and AUK’s Mentorship programme is purely designed based on YOUR needs and requirements to succeed! AUK possesses great strength to assist you as a budding and aspiring entrepreneur to compete in the domestic market and globally!

These programmes will train business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve the right mindset and skill-sets to successfully operate their businesses!

After conducting research and understanding the needs and gaps in majority of SMME’s skills and capabilities, AUK has created a full proof Mentorship programme for SMMEs!

We add value in our capacity for a greater cause… and become YOUR growth partner!


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